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My name is Robbie Aka DJ Xysten. I started DJing at around 15 with an online radio station that had a decent following overseas. I spent some time there and made some great friends along the way. Deejaying as a hobby stopped for me about the same time that had to get a job. There was alot of messing around here and there by deejaying odd events for friends and family.

30, was a big birthday for me.

’30’ was the year I kind of went through a wakeup phase. It was more of an ‘adjust how you’re living you’re life – you’re not happy’ phase. Two turn-tables(plx-1000’s) and a microphone later I’m off running. Except – I wasn’t. An old nemesis returned to haunt me.

When I was very young I had some very nasty hearing infections that destroyed my hearing in my left ear. When I was young there were attempts to repair the damage with multiple surgeries but ultimately this left me with scar tissue that closed my left ear altogether. The beatmatch struggle was real. It was extremely difficult for me to beatmatch by ear and I was desparate for any kind of gimic I could use to get ‘stereo’ hearing.

July 2017 I went in for outpatient surgery at University of Florida-Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, Florida. Dr. Antonelli had a plan to recover some if not all of my hearing back. Almost twenty years had passed and I had adapted to being only able to hear from one ear…I really thought this would make or break me.

I can tell you now that at least 50% of my hearing has returned to my left ear(and getting better every day) and it’s like living in a new 3D steroscopic world. Hearing music from my past is like listening to a newer better hi-definition remix. A whole new spectrum of listening bliss has been opened for me.

The very ‘best’ of my ability is called upon to make sure I translate that listening bliss to you on the dance floor.

There is not much story past that. Planning is in place to spin my tables at your events here in the panhandle this summer. You will see me weed out the clones and present my Unicorns.


DJ Xysten